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Where are stars located in the universe?

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Stars are scattered all across our universe but guess what? there are no stars in our solar system besides the sun!
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Where is the universe located?

The universe is, so far as we can tell, a self-contained systemwhich bends in on itself. Meaning if you were to travel in anydirection for a very long time, billions of years

Which is the largest star in the universe?

We can only see stars that are relatively near-by. It would be more appropriate to ask about the largest known star. Stars are known that have about 2000 times the Sun's dia

Where are stars located?

Stars are located in outer space. The sun is our closest star. Other stars are much more farther away. But, some bright lights in the sky are not always stars. They could be a

Where is the star Leo located and when is it located?

Leo is a constellation not a star . Although Leo is the name of a constellation, several of the stars in the constellation share the name. The star "Regulus" is also known as

Where is the star located?

Our star is located in the center of the Solar System. Many other stars are located all over the Universe. add. Our Milky Way Galaxy is about 100 000 light years across, an

How do you pay for phantasy star universe?

To pay for Phantasy Star Universe: 1.Go to game marketplace. 2.Go find Phantasy Star Universe. 3.Go to the right until you find downloads. At the top should say Membersh

Is a hypergiant the largest star in the universe?

Generally the largest star we know about is VY Canis Majoris a hypergiant of about 2,100 times the radius of our Sun. However, in the Universe, we cannot be sure. We know th

Where are the stars located relative to the center of the universe?

Presumably, around it. However, this is a difficult question, because it's not even known for certain that there is a center of the universe. Some models of the universe expla