Where are Naga Munchetty's parents from?

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Naga Munchetty's parents are from Pakistan, be she was born in London. Naga Munchetty is a British journalist and television presenter for BBC World News.
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Is naga real?

Yes she is real she lives in the biggest river in tokeyo with the big rushien catfish ant the normal catfish

Where to get Naga the Bakugan?

naga is out. you probably can find one at walmart or target. naga infused with the silent core is not out. If you're lucky you can, but they sell out quickly in the stores.

Where can you get the Bakugan naga?

The best way to find Naga is by Buying the colleters edition of the DS Bakugan game. It comes with a naga ball. They're also available in the booster and starter packs. If

How powerfull is naga?

on the show naga has 1000 g's. On the show, but in life the Pyrus Naga-- strongest that I have heard of-- has 660g. I have a Sub-Terra Naga at 450g. Hopefully, that anwers you

What attribute is Naga?

Like transparent Bakugan,the Naga what comes with the Bakugan Video game,(DS version)has NO Attribute. It becomes the same Attribute as the highlighted attribute of the gate

Where do you get naga at?

because of absurd crazy stupid ryan, you can't find the naga because of creator of the ryangan. phone the creator if you want nagagaga

Who is naga vicar?

If you're talking about the one from the PPG fan comic, he's a fan-character created by one of the colorists, Sier.

Can you get the Bakugan naga?

Yes,infact,I even have the actual naga.He looks like a Delta Dragonoid with a split nose and does not have a cobra like head like delta does.
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Who are naga sadhu's?

The Naga Sadhus are worshipper of Lord Shiva and they are part of an old mysterious and secret society formed around 8AD by Sankaryacharya in order to protect Sanatana Dharma

What does naga mean?

In Sanskrit it means "large snake" and refers to a race of beingsthat often took the form of snakes.