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First Camera The first camera was called the Kodak. It was made for sale in 1888, bulldust it was made in the 1950 by Nick Kirby. and it was a very good camera. I am not sure when cameras were invented, but projection was first invented way back in Ancient China and Greece, with Camera Obscura. Don't think that the previous sentence helped.
The first sort of camera thing that was discovered was the camera obscura. Camera obscura is a completely dark room with a very small hole letting a bit of light through. You then put a large piece of white card in front of it and watch what happens. Whatever is outside (so where the light from the small hole is coming from) is shown on the white background. It doesn't show it the right way round though - it shows the picture upside down. This approach is still used today in all cameras - the hole where the light comes in in the Camera Obscura is the aperture hole in cameras now. It is also still the same rule that the smaller the hole the sharper the image. In cameras they flip the picture for you so you don't see the picture upside down like in the Camera Obscura.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) discussed the Camera Obscura in the context of the eye, but Giambattista della Porta (1535-1615) was the first to suggest that the camera obscura could be used as a tool for artists. Della Porta suggested that artists and others could use the camera obscura for making drawings by projecting the image onto a sheet of paper and tracing it. Della Porta also suggested placing a lens in the opening, or aperture, of the camera obscura to improve the quality of the projected image, and this innovation contributed to the wider use of the device.
The first camera that was small and portable enough to be practical for photography was built byJohann Zahn in 1685
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Not in Paris, France. (Niepce was working in a town miles south of Paris, about 150 miles in fact) The first permanent photograph was made in 1814 by Joseph - Nicéphore ni

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Originally the camera was made to capture a moment in time quicklyand exactly. Paintings often reflected the opinion of the painterin their art, however, photos show exactly w

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The first "cameras" were simple boxes that focused light through a pinhole, creating an image. By the 15th century, quality glass lenses could be used to focus these images, a

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"Camera" means just "room" and indeed in antiquity a darkened room with a small hole in a door or wall was often a source of amusement as observers on the inside could see ima

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The first camera would have been the camera obscura. The cameraobscura has been known to scholars since the time of Mozi (around480 BCE) and Aristotle (around 350 BCE). A came

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XD the camera had already been invented centuries before that. Alexander Wolcott invented the camera on May 8, 1840. . hope that helped! Correction The camera as we kno

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The very primary camera obscura which was little and portable sufficient for practical use was made by sir Johann Zahn the year was 1685 and at that time it was not possible t
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The invention of the camera is credited to Henry Fox Talbot, an English aristocrat who took his first photographs in 1834. This was five years before Frenchman Louis Daguerre