When was the shed invented?

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It is hard to pin down an exact invention date, but the word and the idea were being used as far back as the 1440s, according to Wikipedia.

In harder times, people built one small building, separated by a short wall, where both people and their animals lived. This enabled them both to keep warm in the hard winters. Root cellars were used to keep fruit, vegetables and seeds until the winter or the next planing season. Sheds probably appeared as people became more prosperous and all of their tools or other needs would not fit into the primary space.

Answer On the lighter side.... The shed was invented in March 1983 by Prof J. Boyle of Whitburn Technological Institute. He was researching into the metaphysical properties of shovels when he stumbled across this quite amazing discovery. In the 22 years since, the shed has become one of the most valuable discoveries in recent history. (source - The Shed Age by Patrick Francis :the jocular press, 2000:) Answer The above answers have got the question entirely wrong. The shed was invented one minute after the invention of the comb.The first time a man drew a comb through his hair and formed a parting he invented the shed,
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