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When was Neil Armstrong's daughter Karen born?

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Neil Armstrong's daughter Karen, was born in 1959. In 1962 at just three years of age, she died of a brain tumor.
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What year was neil Armstrong's dad born in?

If Neil Armstrong was born in 1930, then I would estimate that his dad was probably born around 1900.... just an educated guess cuz if his dad was born 1900, then that would m

How did Neil Armstrong's daughter die?

she died of a brain tumor on January 28 1962Karen Armstrong, the daughter of Neil Armstrong, was four and a half years old when she died of pneumonia, due to the physical effe

How old was Neil Armstrong's daughter when she died?

Karen Armstrong died of pneumonia at 2 years old, on January 28, 1962. She had developed a rare brain stem tumor in June 1961 and it could not effectively be treated. (born

What was Neil Armstrong's rocket called?

The rocket that powered Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins' spacecraft toward the moon was a Saturn V rocket. The name of the command module in which they tra

How did Neil Armstrong's daughter Karen die?

In June 1961, two-year-old Karen Armstrong was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the middle part of her brain stem. X-ray treatment slowed its growth but her health deterior

What is Karen Armstrong's definition of a myth?

I don"t know about KAREN ARMSTRONG (an ex-religious by the way), but Napoleon once said that history was a Myth agreed upon! he also said- I like this one- Big Guns always fir

What was Neil Armstrong's rank?

Neil Armstrong was a US Navy Ensign. He served in the Navy for three years (1949-1952). His rank at NASA was Mission Commander.

When were neil Armstrong's sons born?

Neil Armstrong had three children. He had two sons and a daughter. The boy's names were Alan (Born June 30, 1957) and Mark (Born June 23, 1961). His daughter's name was Karen