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Around 1890 is an approximate date regarding the invention of Chinese checkers. The game is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. Instead, it was invented in Germany. It is based on the game of halma, which was invented in the United States of America around 1883.
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What did the Chinese invent?

China is an ancient civilization, however, many civilizations are much older. Iran is the oldest civilization on Earth -- 1,000 years older than China. Although the Chinese did invent some things, most notably gun powder, many of the inventions claimed by China were actually invented elsewhere. For example: Coins -- Mesopotamia Ice cream -- Northern Europe and North Central Asia Dogs -- Western Europe (modern Germany) Paper -- Egypt Football (also called soccer) -- Greece Fishing poles -- Eastern Africa In fact, even the abacus was made in ancient Mesopotamia and Iran long before it appeared in China. Although China did invent some things, much of what they claim to have 'invented' was borrowed from other, much older cultures in the Middle East and ancient Iran. What the Chinese have been good at is copying other peoples' inventions, much like today. Yes! Chinese did invent many things. They have invented weaponslike Dagger Axe, Crossbows, Exploding Cannon Balls, Gun Powder,Fireworks, Firecrackers, Hand Grenade, Land Mines.They have alsoinvented games like Mahjong, Playing Cards, Xiangqi, Liubo. Theyhave also invented miscellaneous like Paper, Compass, Teapot,Wooden Coffins, Rowing Oar, Chopsticks, Nail Polish, NegativeNumbers, Seismometer, Teapot, Electronic Cigarettes.

What country invented checkers?

Answer . It was believed that a type of checker was created in a country called Ur in Iraq in 3000 B.C or in Egypt called Alquerque and thena french man thought about playing it on a chess board which made the game have 36 peices.

How do you play Chinese checkers Not the star board but with the board with many Chinese pieces with Chinese symbols on them?

Answers \n. \nThis game is not Chinese checkers. This game is Chinese Chess. It is somewhat the same as International Chess. This site will show you what the pieces are and how to move them. Chinese Chess is not too hard to learn, but it is sooo much fun to play!!\ni love you call me lol :)

Who invented the spell checker?

The first spelling verification program was written for IBM mainframes in the late 1970's. The original was designed by a team of linguists from Georgetown University.

What is the age of Milton Bradley Chinese Checker Board 4180?

Apparently Milton Bradley was involved in a patent dispute but ended up with a patent for their Chinese Checker Board in 1941. My 4180 Board is presumed to date from our family about that time. Could the first two digits of the product number be the year of issue?

What is checkers?

-English Draughts, aka American checkers, is a board game that isplayed on an 8x8 board consisting of interchanging colors. For acomplete explanation, just go to the link below. (basicly checkers is just a all pawn verson of chess and has theability to change from a pawn to a king if it reaches the end ofthe board) -A fast food resteraunt

Who invented the Chinese kite?

There are no records of who invented the Chinese kite, however,some believe it was the invention of Mozi and Lu Ban, two Chinesephilosophers. Mozi and Lu Ban lived in the 5th century BC.

What games did the chinese invent?

Ancient China invented many games to play and they still are beingplayed today. For example, they invented board games such asOthello and Chinese chess. They also invented card games and flewkites as a form of game.

What have the Chinese invented?

they have invented the compass, paper, porcelain and silk cloth and the abascus, junks, canal locks, paper money, playing cards, printing devices, gunpowder, hello kitty, computers, china, rockets, vaccines, tea, steel, grenades, paper, umbrella, chain drive, mechanical clocks, spinning wheel

What didn't the Chinese invent?

The Chinese did not invent space travel or the automobile. TheChinese did not invent pizza or chocolate chip cookies or icecream.

What did Chinese people invent?

Gunpowder Ice cream Fire crackers Saw Umbrella Paper Hydraulics Acupuncture Zodiac Banknote alcohol beer money bills

Who invented ancient Chinese wheelbarrow?

It is unknown which person specifically invented the ancient Chinese wheelbarrow. My guess is that multiple people contributed ideas to make it work.

What did the ancient Chinese invent?

The Ancient Chinese invented the abacus, silk weaving, wood pulp to make paper, the plow, the wheelbarow and compass

What inventions have Chinese invented?

they have invented the first calculater"abucus",porclien,silk,printer and that's it Junks, Paper Money, playing cards, vaccines, steel, gun powder, computers, hello kitty, paper, rockets, compass, canal lock

When was chinese paper invented?

The oldest evidence of paper manufacture and use dates back to 2ndcentury BC in China. Chinese were the first people to use paper inits modern form.

Who invented Chinese writing?

仓颉 《 cāng jié》 Changjie untouched Changjie, HouGang surname, emperor Huang's history, when the founder of the Chinese characters, historiographer, considered the "saint" word. This NaLe county village northwest 35 ling Wu li is changjie has temple and build books, platform, historians believe, was born in changjie. Legend has made, book "beginning with generation rope." In the past, people rope, big things chronicle play a little, a summary, connected a serial of things. After the development to use the knife in MuZhu engraved with symbols as a story. With the development of history, civilization, things MingWu multifarious, various, use and methods of wood, far cannot adapt need. And this has created the urgent demand of the text. When the emperor's ancient inventions of the period, then more not only, also invented sericulture, car, invented by boat GongNu, mirror and cooking POTS and steamer-filling etc, in these inventions and determination, changjie create a text. Legend changjie, Four eyes heavy, very smart, one year, Shou tour to the south, has mounted a mountain of Yang (now LuoNa county, shaanxi) in xuan extras los? The water, suddenly saw a large turtle, tortoise lots of green decorative pattern. Changjie look, feel it to study. He seems to look, find out the pattern on the tortoise can sense. He wants to figure can say, if a rule, not everyone can be used to convey what thing, recorded? Changjie so desperately, see everywhere, the stars of heaven, and the distribution of birds, the mountains thread traces of insect fish shapes of instruments, vegetation, HuiXie depict, create a variety of different symbols, and set the each symbol representing significance. He pressed his intention to use symbols to show people look for a few, by his explanation, but also see. This symbol has called "character". Has successfully, strange, that day under the rain day, night (actually hear ghost crying. The soul Why? (under the rain Because of the word, can cause has to convey the mind, records, natural celebrate. But ghost crying? Why? Someone said, because of the word, intelligence, open, liver, fraud, cunning and false for slaughter, and so on for ever, even the demons peace day no rest, so the ghost crying. Another theory is: Once again, from the knot is changjie historical records for the emperor provide historical facts wrong, causing the emperor yan and border negotiations in defeat. Afterwards, the changjie shamed and resigned officer, visit the authority of historical records. Three years later, he returned home alone BaiShuiYang Wu village, deep groove KuiXing won the song "concept, the birds were hoof claw, finishing the various sources, created the symbols represent all. He gave a name of these symbols, called the word. The words are in accordance with changjie all made out of shape. For example, according to the sun is red, red circle circle of the hook, Copy the words on the shape of the tracing the crescent moon, One word is the person's silhouette painting... After the first words to changjie huangdi was that, he was moved, but give warehouse's surname. The prince is placed on one person, a gentleman. Then, god knows it, a millet rain reward changjie. This is the origin of human gu yu section. Starting from the county, wi gudou in (south) qing (jian) under the road, then change in luohe white (water) los (sichuan) highway. The jeep in plateau ditch bifurcation ran an hour between the changjie, came to the village temple of official. The existing 1800 years history of the temple has been officially changjie council as national key units to be protected. In the west village Wu ling changjie has XiDong temple, and five meters, is a large hill. Under the mausoleum there to longshan period of ancient titles. LingQian WengZhong stone, and all have ShiFang proclaiming, "changjie" 2 words. Changjie temple, the unknown established. According to the inscription records within the existing temple ", since the tang, and slightly for ". Now see the changjie temple is the Ming and qing dynasties buildings, covers an area of about 27.5 square meters, it faces south, stone pillars look beautifully carved refined; pair, The ErMen, are hard mountain, worship the temple, and the main hall and generous beauty lies pavilion. There Zhuan celebrity TiLian amount of Ming dynasty and the changjie couples of stone. Within the temple complexes, green pines, stone YangLiuYiYi, LouTaiTingGe rows, the magnificent buildings "The rope to the chronicle. In ancient Chinese "and", "qi rope accounts recorded text" wood, it is the commonly used method, early chronicle pity for the matter cannot, so when the situation has not known the chronicle. But the scriptures of anyang xiaotun found in cities, with the ox bone tortoise shell Jia engraved words well preserved, will probably reached 35 months. From the oracle bone inscriptions structure, besides pictographic, characters, cloaking, are already common progress of broad application. In over 3,000 years ago is shang text has reached a complete degree, it follows in it must have a longer development process. Chinese ancient archaeological discoveries prove, in seven or eight years ago in the tortoise shell imprint symbols. In five or six thousand years ago DaMenKou yangshao culture, cultural found in pottery imprint symbols have dozens of the inscriptions on bones or tortoise, some of them and see the word, so that they like someone is early writing. In the early period of longshan culture clay found on the ZhuShu is sure that the full text, China for at least four thousand years of Chinese history. The text is in long-term people appear to accumulate social life, summarize unceasingly, so the results may be summed up changjie finishing writing for formation of Chinese characters, contributed to a representative of the characters.

What is a checker?

a checker is one of the pieces in a game of checkers (: or it is a square in a pattern of a bunch of squares (:

Where can you read the rules for Chinese Checkers?

Equipment . The Chinese Checkers board is in the shape of a six pointed star. Each point of the star is a triangle consisting of ten holes (four holes to each side). The interior of the board is a hexagon with each side five holes long. Each triangle is a different colour and there are six sets of ten pegs with corresponding colours.. Preparation . Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four or six players. Obviously, for the six player game, all pegs and triangles are used. If there are four players, play starts in two pairs of opposing triangles and a two player game should also be played from opposing triangles. In a three player game the pegs will start in three triangles equidistant from each other.. Each player chooses a colour and the 10 pegs of that colour are placed in the appropriately coloured triangle.. Objective . The aim of the game is to be the first to player to move all ten pegs across the board and into the triangle opposite.. Play . A toss of a coin decides who starts. Players take turns to move a single peg of their own colour. In one turn a peg may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole OR it may make one or more hops over other pegs. Where a hopping move is made, each hop must be over an adjacent peg and into a the vacant hole directly beyond it. Each hop may be over any coloured peg including the player's own and can proceed in any one of the six directions. After each hop, the player may either finish or, if possible and desired, continue by hopping over another peg. Occasionally, a player will be able to move a peg all the way from the starting triangle across the board and into the opposite triangle in one turn!. Pegs are never removed from the board. It is permitted to move a peg into any hole on the board including holes in triangles belonging to other players, even triangles not presently in use. However, once a peg has reached the opposite triangle, it may not be moved out of the triangle - only within the triangle.. Finishing . The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner.. Debate has always arisen over the situation where a player is prevented from winning because an opposing player's peg occupies one of the holes in the destination triangle. Many game rules omit to mention this implying that it is perfectly legal to block opponents in this dubious fashion.. Masters Games suggests the following additional rule which should be wide enough to capture all such situations: If a player is prevented from moving a peg into a hole in the destination triangle because of the presence of an opposing peg in that hole, then instead of playing in the usual way, the player is entitled to swap the opposing peg with that of his own peg.. Alternatively, you can just say that should one or more of the holes in the target triangle contain a peg belonging to another player, this does not prevent a player from winning. The game is simply won when all the available points within the triangle are occupied.

Where can you find a Chinese checker game played on a star board with marbles?

The star board and the set of marbles are essential components of a game of Chinese checkers. All games of Chinese checkers are meant to be played with these two components. A game lacking either or both components is not Chinese checkers.

What country did Chinese checkers originate in?

Germany is the country in which Chinese checkers originated, around 1890. Specifically, Chinese checkers is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. The game is based on halma, which was invented in the United States of America around 1883.

Which is older checkers or Chinese checkers?

Checkers is the older game. Specifically, Chinese checkers is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. Instead, it was invented in Germany around 1890. It is based on halma , which was invented in the United States of America around 1883.

What equipment is needed to play Chinese checkers?

What equipment is needed to play Chinese checkers? a board and peices thank you comment please

What is the difference between checkers and Chinese checkers?

The difference between checkers and Chinese checkers is that Chinese checkers are used with marbles.

Can you tie in Chinese Checkers?

The answer is no..there can only be an agreed upon draw.. lest one person quits and forfeiting for lack of moving back and forth ad infinitum

Did Chinese people invent sushi?

Yes. The Chinese actually invented sushi. Sushi was then spread to Japan and the Japanese claimed it for themselves.

What inventions did the mongols learn about from the Chinese?

landscape painting,ceramics were also an important Chinese art form, tang artisans perfected the making of porcelain.

Who invented the Chinese numbering system?

A Singapore researcher has crushed the long held belief that the Arabs and Indians invented the numeral system used today, according to a report carried by the Straits Times Thursday. In fact, they came up only with the written symbols, says acclaimed academic Lam Lay Yong, who believes the Chinese invented the numeral system and were adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing at least 1,000 years before anyone else, with simple bamboo rods.

Why were the Chinese opera masks invented?

the Chinese opera masks were invented because when people where at the opera they could see what the colours all mean and what the opera was about.

What Chinese dynasty invented the flamethrower?

The Sung Dynasty invented a form of the flamethrower, but the Byzantines already had one before them. All of this took place more than a millennium ago. Byzantines in 7th C and Chinese about 10th C depending on which version is regarded as a flame thrower.

Can you jump your own piece in Chinese checkers?

Yes you are allowed to jump over your own piece as long as there is space between.

Did the Chinese invent green tea?

Nature invented green tea. That is how it grows on the plant. The various ways the leaf is treated is what makes the tea "green", "white", "black" or "oolong".

How many pieces are in Chinese checkers?

Chinese checkers is played by between 2-6 opponents, each of whom start with 10 men.

When did the Chinese invent origami?

im almost positive that the art of origami is Japanese... the Chinese only used paper for writing, kites, dragons, and lanterns... each of which are not technically considered a part of origami

How do you get information on a Milton Bradley game of Chinese Checkers from 1945-1947?

Try checking on eBay every couple months or so. You can also post wanted ads on hobbyist websites.

What did the Chinese didnt invent?

The Chinese did not invent the Tank Atomic Bomb Airplane Printing Press Helicopter Car Submarine

What inventions were invented by the ancient Chinese?

just to name a few: paper fireworks gunpowder printer silk wheelbarrow cast iron seismograph (earthquake detector) matches boat rudder abacus spinning wheel printed books compass umbrella ink paper money The four most important were: compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing.

When was ancient Chinese gunpowder invented?

Around the eleventh and twelve centuries, but it was not widely used until the Ming Dynasty hundreds of years later.

When did they invent Chinese writing?

Yes. The Chinese invented a language and they can write just like we write in English.

When did the Chinese invent coins?

The first metal coins are regarded by some as having been invented in China. The earliest known Chinese metal tokens were made ca. 900 BC, discovered in a tomb near Anyang. Most numismatists, however, regard these as well as later Chinese bronzes ... as money but not as coins because they didn't at least initially carry a mark or marks certifying them to be of a definite exchange value. Coins originated independently in Anatolia, with most numismatists regarding Lydia asthe birthplace of coinage. The Greeks soon adopted the Lydian practice and extended it to commerce and trade, with coinage following Greek colonization and influence first around the eastern Mediterranean and soon after to North Africa (including Egypt),Syria, Persia, and the Balkans. Along with China and Anatolia, India also played a major part in the development of coinage. The first Indian coins were minted around the 6th century BC by the Mahajanapadas of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Some argue that Indian coins were developed from Western prototypes, which the Indians came in contact with through Babylonian traders.

Why did the Chinese invent the Chinese calendar?

Just like any other major civilization, the Chinese needed a way to tell the days of the year to remember important dates. So they invented a calendar. It incorporates both lunar and solar elements. It is different from other calendars, such as the Gregorian calendar which is the most widespread today, or the Mayan calendar. For example, this year (2012), their New Year began on Jan. 28th. In modern China, their calendar is no longer used and has been replaced by the Gregorian calendar, however their old calendar is still used when determining the date for their holidays, such as the Spring Festival, or the Duan Wu Festival.

How was the Chinese invention paper money invention?

well first the chinese said WE LOVE PAPER AND MONEY SO LETS MAKE SOME PAPER MONEY THEN EVERYONE SAID HE WAS CRAZY BUT THEN AFTER HE MADE paper money and everyone thought tit was a a great idea *WRONG* The Chinese government thought that large amount of coins are difficult to carry. So they invented paper money in order to solve the problem. ~Improved by Pinksakuraeya

Is it Chinese chess or checkers?

Chinese Checkers and Chinese Chess, or (Xiangqi) are both real games, but they're different games. The related links below explain them both in more detail.

How many pieces do you need for Chinese checkers?

You need 10 pieces for each player, and in Chinese checkers, there are 2-6 players. You would need 20 to 60 pieces depending on how many people play.

What are Chinese major inventions?

Some major Chinese inventions include: . Paper . Printing . Gunpowder . Compass . Currency . Blast Furnace . Modern Calendar . Cast Iron . Crossbow . Football (soccer) . Fireworks . Flamethrower . Iron Plow . Kite . Land Mine . Multistage Rocket . Negative Numbers . Porcelain . Seismometer . Stirrup . Suspension Bridge . Tea . Tofu . Toilet Paper

Which Chinese dynaty invented fireworks?

the earliest record we have found that tells about fireworks was written in Southern Song dynasty, and they were used for celebrations in royal palace. If you are asking about gunpowder, which was the basic element for making fireworks, it was first found in Tang dynasty

How can one learn to play Chinese Checkers?

The object of Chinese Checkers is to move one's pieces from one end of the board to the other end before the opponent does. While learning to play the game, first step is to get to know the rules involved in the game. Then, plan a strategy on how to move all the pieces while blocking the opponents from moving theirs. One can always learn from experienced players as well.

How do you win a chinese checkers game?

Chinese checkers is a hard game to win but it is easy to play. You must move all of your pegs from your point of the star to your opponents point of the star. Strategy is the key to winning the game. If you know your opponent well, you might win easier if you know how he thinks and how he will move.

What actors and actresses appeared in Epic Chinese Checkers - 2011?

The cast of Epic Chinese Checkers - 2011 includes: David Kuskie as Sharp Dressed Man

What actors and actresses appeared in Chinese Checkers - 2009?

The cast of Chinese Checkers - 2009 includes: Lisa Gilliam as Home Owner Brenden Miranda as Jeffy Taylor Kevin Trang as Seth Pringle

What are the release dates for The Wackiest Ship in the Army - 1965 Chinese Checkers 1-26?

The Wackiest Ship in the Army - 1965 Chinese Checkers 1-26 was released on: USA: 27 March 1966