When is el dia de los Inocentes?

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The Internet says December 28th, but I've also heard people say it's on December 26th.

El Día de los Santos Inocentes (los Angelitos), or Day of the Holy Innocents (Little Angels), is used as a day of remembrance for beloved, deceased children and infants.
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What is the importance of el dia de los inocentes?

Celebrated every 28th of December in Spain, it isÊa day ofpractical jokes, similar to April Fool's Day in the U.S. ÊThis istranslated to the Day of the Holy Innocents, n

What does el dia de los abuelos?

El día de los abuelos means the day of the grandparents. It iscelebrated in many Latin and South American countries. In Argentinaand Brazil it is on July 26 in honor of