When is Superman 2 going come to DVD?

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As far as I know, it is already a 3 disc DVD. You can find it on Amazon. I checked it out.
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When is Superman Returns 2 the game coming out?

There is no such thing called Superman Returns 2, in movies orvideo games. There hasn't been a video game starring Superman since 2006. He has been featured in some games but

When will the DVD for hoodwinked 2 come out?

It was originally supposed to be released in January, but the Weinstein company decided to delay it, which eventually led to a lawsuit for "failure to live up to contractual o

Is there going to be a Superman Returns 2?

No, there isn't going to be a movie of Superman Returns 2, BUT there is going to be a movie about him and more friends called "Man of steel" that is coming out on June 2013.

When is Zombieland 2 coming out on DVD?

DVD?? Really......its not even in thereters yet bro...besides that there is not even a release date yet. where you high when you posted this. cuz i wish i was.