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When do you prune juniper bushes?

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Best to prune outdoor juniper bushes in early spring (March or April in the northeast US) to allow ample time for regrowth before winter sets in. If you prune too close to winter, there's not enough time for the regrowth to occur and the bush could be damaged.
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When do you prune holly bushes?

Answer . As most evergreen shrubs, it is better to prune them in early spring just before new growth begins.

How and when do you trim a juniper bush?

If you trim the lower branches off at the trunk it will become a very large tree, leave the lower limbs and it becomes a bush looking plant.   the best time to cut the bran

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What is a good fertilizer for Juniper bushes?

  Junipers like Acid fertilizer, the same as you use for Hollies, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Lily of the Valley, et al... Remove the mulch and fertilize under the branches an