When do owls come out?

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some owls come out during the day and others mostly at night
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Why do owls come out at night?

well, they would want ot eat those insects n they have really great eye sight or hearing sight I'm not really sure

Where did the owl come from?

It is believed that in the first instance, Archaeopteryx was the first bird, some 150 million years ago. Along the way, owls evolved as their own species, being found to live

How comes the owl knows everything?

Owls do not know everything. For instance, they do not know how to speak English or French. They are often associated with knowledge because they were linked with Athena, a bi
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What owl does the owl pellet come from?

Which type of owl? All owls have pellets. They eat mice, squirrels and other small rodents. The fur and bones that they can't digest go into a special second stomach called a