When did the lump of coal in the stocking start?

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the history of coal in a Christmas stocking is nothing more that being left of the toy list as a result of bad behavior. when stockings were being filled the the gift giver reaches down by the fireplace to the bin grabs a hunk or two coal and stuffs the naughty child's stocking while placing toys in the stockings of those children who have been a joy to their parents.
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Where did the lump of coal Christmas tradition start?

Lump of Coal Tradition Theory: . It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy. . The

How much is a lump of coal worth?

The price of coal varies depending on the level of customer demand.Additionally, the size of the lump of coal will make the pricevary.

Why coal burn in coal stock?

cause that's what It does, coal naturally burns in one fuel sourceso that's what makes it up to be burning in a coal stock, once thecoal is burned it creates heat energy which