When did the Spaniards arrive in Colombia?

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Why did Montezuma treat the Spaniards as royalty when they arrived in Mexico City?

It is a common misconception that the Aztecs confused the Spanish conquistadors for gods. They actually knew Cortes and his men were actual men, but the Aztecs were marveled a
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When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico City Montezuma treated them as royalty?

No. There is a common misconception stating that Aztecs confusedthe Spaniards for gods; in fact the Aztecs knew they were men, butwere curious to find out what were their moti
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Who ruled Mexico before the arrival of Spaniards?

It wasn't a country but a region dominated by several city-states.Some of them include Mexico-Tenochtitlan (ruled by the Aztec orMexica civilization), Tlaxcala, Texcoco or the