When did the BBC make its first TV programmes?

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The BBC began its own regular television programming from the basement of Broadcasting House, London, on 22 August 1932 after testing the transmission systems with Baird Television Ltd. Who made Britain's first television broadcast, on 30 September 1929 from its studio in Long Acre, London using the BBC's London transmitter,which was set up initially for radio frequency broadcasting
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What is first method recording television programmes?

As far as I'm able to determine, the first method was to film it off a kinescope tube. Some of the older Jackie Gleason Honeymooner's were kinescope'd as well as some of the e

First colour tv programme world?

Pretty sure it was the Wimbledon Finals. Tennis Bonanza was the first color tv show in the USA. They scheduled the show for Saturday, early evening, in the '60's, so that sho

When did BBC first broadcast television in the UK?

The BBC began broadcasting television in 1928 although they were no more than test broadcasts in that year. 1929 saw the first scheduled broadcasts but the schedule was far fr

What was the very first TV programme to be broadcast live?

The first public television broadcast was in January 1929 when the BBC began transmitting television from their studios in London, England. They used the television system dev

What was the very first TV programme to broadcast in colour?

The first demonstration of color television happened in 1928 when John Logie Baird showed off his Televisor system modified for color. Although the Televisor was electro-mecha