When did mmr vaccinations first used?

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Depends what country you are referring to.
In England I believe it was introduced in 1988. In USA, it was introduced in 1963.
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Does the mmr vaccine cause autism?

MMR vaccines, as well as other vaccines, do not cause autism.Extensive research has been done into the relationship betweenautism and vaccines and none has been found. The doc

Why do people need MMR vaccine?

MMR vaccine protects you against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. You need 2-3 doses on the proper schedule to become immune. You should get a blood test (titer) to confirm that t

Can you get autism off MMR vaccine?

Your cannot develop autism from any of the ingredients of the MMR vaccine. Previously, some studies (most famously by Andrew Wakefield in 1998) had linked the MMR vaccine to

Why was the MMR vaccine so controversial?

It's not just MMR. Many parents are very cautious about giving something to a otherwise healthy child. Unfortunately, that's the nature of vaccines. They are to prevent future