When did Ulysses S. Grant marry?

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Ulysses S. Grant married Julia Boggs Dent in 1848
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Who was Ulysses S. Grant married to?

Julia Dent, distant cousin of James Longstreet, who was his room-mate at West Point. Longstreet is believed to have been Best Man at the wedding. Later, of course, he was a s

Does Ulysses S. Grant have a nickname?

He first became famous by demanding 'Unconditional Surrender' of a Confederate unit, and so he became Unconditional Surrender (US) Grant. There is still debate over his middl

Where has Ulysses S. Grant worked?

Before the war, he was a demobbed Army Officer (possibly discharged for drunkenness) who tried farming, without success, and had to ask his brother for a job as a clerk in his

Who did Ulysses S. Grant marry?

Julia Dent, sister of one of his fellow-cadets at West Point. It was an exceptionally close marriage, surviving long periods of separation, and they had four children. The s