What would you weigh on Mars?

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If you weighed 100 lb on Earth you would weigh 37.7 lbs on Mars
  • 1lb = 0.377
  • 5lb = 1.885
  • 10lb = 3.77
  • 25lb = 9.425
  • 50lb = 18.85
  • 100lb = 37.7
  • 150lb = 56.55
  • 200lb = 75.4
  • 500lb = 188.5

Or multiply <weight> x 0.377
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Why would you weigh the least on mars?

Mars is a smaller planet than Earth. Your weight is the product of two masses yours and the planets Your mass stays the same wherever you are, if you stand on a smaller

If you weighed 50kg on earth what would you weigh on mars?

If your mass is 50 kg, then you weigh about 18 pounds on the moon, about 39.6 pounds on Mars, about 110 pounds on earth, and exactly zero while you're coasting through space

If you weighed 40kg on earth how much would you weigh on mars?

If your mass is 40kg on Earth, you would weigh about 392 Newtons depending on your location. This is because the Earth exerts 9.8 Newtons of gravitational force on a body

How much would a kid weigh on mars?

Mars has a gravitational pull about 38% of that on earth. So if you weigh 100 pounds on earth, you would only weigh 38 pounds on mars. If you are a kid that weighs about 80 po