What would the earth be like without greenhouse gases or the greenhouse effect?

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  • Pretty well frozen over. The average surface temperature would be about -4 degrees Fahrenheit if there were no greenhouse effect.
  • In addition, since water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas, the world would also be a very dry place. I guess it would be a lot like Mars, very cold and lifeless.
  • Earth's atmosphere naturally has greenhouse gases in it. Without them Earth would only be heated by its core and the rays of the sun. Those rays would warm us during the day, but at night all the heat would be lost back into space.
  • Greenhouse gases insulate Earth, comparable with a blanket. Without that 'blanket', the average temperature on Earth would drop to about -18°C (0°F) and life would almost be impossible.
  • All heat from the sun hitting the earth would be reflected back out to space and most of the earth would experience ice age conditions.
  • The Green House effect is important because there is a kind of gas that forms a "blanket" around Earth that holds heat in the atmosphere and keeps Earth's atmosphere at a temperature that is comfortable for most living things. So without it the temperature would go down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius colder than it is).
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