What would happen if the vein in your arm was cut and you started bleeding?

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You should put pressure on the bleeding arm and raise it in the air. If you're alone and this happens, still put pressure on your arm and raise it, but try to find someone who knows first aid. Hopefully they'll have a bandage and some first aid gloves with them. Let them do the rest. However, if you are worried this will happen to someone else, I suggest you seek proper first aid training, as it's better to be taught how to put on a bandage than to be told off the internet. If the wound is treated correctly, you'll almost certainly live, although you'll have to go to hospital, but the technology is so advanced there's almost zero chance of dying.
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What would happen if the pulmonary artery was to be cut and bleed?

The pulmonary artery is the one which carries blood from the right ventricle to the lungs. It is the only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood. The blood is carr

How do you stop the bleeding after cutting your vein or artery?

In the case of veins direct pressure should limit the bleeding, arteries will require a tourniquet in both cases a visit to the hospital for stitches is required.. An alterna

What would happen if you cut your hand veins?

well.....you would bleed. depending on the severity of the cut and the size of the vein, you could die without medical attention. Do not, under any circumstances, purposefully

What happens if you cut a vein?

It bleeds. or it will spurt. apply pressure with sterile gauze. if it bleeds through, apply more gauze and pressure. Call for medical help right away.

What would happen if you cut a vein in your leg?

Well, it depends on which vein you cut and how much it is bleeding. If you hit the large vein called the Vena Cara , you would bleed a fair amount. But, the reason you prob

What happens if you bleed from a vein in a vacuum?

The blood comes out with greater force as the external pressure is zero. Though we wear an oxygen mask we cannot be in a room which is evacuated. This is because of vast diffe

What happens if you cut your guinea pigs nail and it start bleeding?

1. Hold its paw and examine the nail. 2. Take it to the nearest vet. 3. Tell him/her what happened. 4. If you are in a hurry, do this: Get a small tissue. Put it in a little
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If someone is in a coma from bleeding from cutting the veins in their arms with a knife how do they wake up bag how long does it take for it to happen?

Doctors give a variety of answers for how long comas last. The mostpopular answer is that it really depends on how the person is doingphysically and emotionally. If their body