What were the positive effects of technology during world war 2?

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Technology during World War II opened up an entirely new door into what the enemy was doing in areas in which they were once hidden. New pesticides, nuclear technology, and jet engines made the fight faster than it had been in the first World War.
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What were the positive effects of European appeasement in World War 2?

%REPLIES%. Answer . NONE. If the policy of appeasement had not been followed by Britain and France, WWII might not have happened. If either country had been willing to r

What were the positive effects of World War 2?

Hitler conquering Europe is over, no more people dying cause of that war . The positive effect of WW2 would probably be having Hitler dead and also having us out of the Gre

What positive effects did World War 2 have on Canada?

world war two had a positive effect on Canada because it boosted our economic system greatly. It also made women more respected. Canada gets more and more immigrants each year

What technological advances were made during World War 2?

In no particular order................. RADAR, SONAR, the proximity fuse, sulfa drugs, blood transfusion, the Jeep, jet engines, dehydrated foods, parachute and glider troops

What technology was used during the World War 2?

WW2 introduced a whole range of newer technology. these are some of them Tanks were better armoured, had more powerful weapons and were much faster. The Germans had the advant

What kinds of technology was there during World War 2?

The new technologies consisted of RADAR, new communications radios, newer tanks and military vehicles, planes with RADAR, Ships with RADAR and much more. There were new surgic

Allies had superior technology during world war 2?

Yes they did but uncertain what your question is for us. The allies had better RADAR and better sonar and betting fighting equipment, planes and the Russian had THE BEST TANK

What kind of technology did thus have during World War 2?

The US had most of the technology of the era. They had telecommunications, electric technology of any type, aerospace (not in the outer space yet), medical and surgical innova