What were teddy roosevelts party affiliations?

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He was a member of the Republican Party until the 1912 election, when he ran in his own party, the Progressive Party or Bull Moose Party.
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What party was Teddy Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt, as Vice-President and President was a Republican. When he left office and attempted to return to the Presidency, he formed the Progressive "Bull Moose" Par

What was the poitical party of Teddy Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt served as US President as a candidate of the Republican Party. In his attempt to regain the Presidency, he formed the Progressive Bull Moose Party (because

What political party was Teddy Roosevelt in?

Teddy was a Republican until 1912 when he formed his own party after he lost the Republican nomination.

What political party was formed by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912?

He founded the Progressive party, better known as the Bull Moose party in order to run for president in 1912 against the incumbent Republican William Howard Taft. ( He tried t

Why did Teddy Roosevelt start the bull moose party?

In 1904, Roosevelt who had already served almost two full terms, having finished McKinley's term, declined to run again and so supported Taft for President. By 1912, he had ch