What websites will offer a satellite view of the Earth?

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There are many websites and companies that offer satellite views of Earth. The main website and company that offers this ability is NASA. Satellite View of House also offers views of Earth from space.
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How is a weather satellite in polar orbit able to view Earths surface?

From the question, I'm guessing that when the questioner reads the term "polar orbit", he's picturing the satellite doing a little tiny circle in the sky over the North Pole.

Is Google earth street view taken from a satellite?

No these were taken by people with a digital camera. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The views are made by the camera being driven down

Earth is the satellite of the?

We have assigned names of things obviously. Planet is the name for those which goes around the sun. And satellite is the one which goes around the planet. So earth is a planet

Is there a website where you can view an updated satellite image of your house?

Best website would be to use Google Maps or Bing Maps , but realize that the satellite imagery is on average 3 years old. Just type in an address from either and it will

How can one view the Earth from a satellite?

One can view Earth from satellite images on Flash Earth, Symi Visitor, Google Earth, and Twisted Sifter. There is even an application called Satellite Live, which allows users
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How could one get a satellite view of Earth online?

Google Earth is the most popular and user friendly website to get a satellite view of Earth online. The National Geographic website also offers additional views of the Earth,