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The Colosseum was a sports arena and entertainment place in ancient Rome.
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Where is the Colosseum?

The Colosseum, is located in Rome, Italy, and is slightly east of the Roman Forum.

What is a colosseum?

  A coliseum is any large auditorium or stadium hosting a wide variety of public events such as sports, concerts, and the like.

What was the colosseum?

  The Colosseum was a huge building that held gladiator fights and lots of entertainment for the king and the people of Rome.Now days people say they hold concerts and dif

Where are the colosseums?

There is only one Colosseum. It is an amphitheater and was used for various forms of entertainment. There were other amphitheaters in almost every Roman town of any size, but

What was a Colosseum?

A Roman arena, like a big stadium. This place was usually where all the entertainment happened. From gladiators to people being feed to the lions etc.

What can you do in the colosseum?

In the colosseum, you enter a dragon to compete. Other than placing them in the colosseum you don't do anything else. A day later your dragon will be done competeing, to know

What was the purpose of the high walls around the Colosseum?

The colosseum was actually more like a round theater with places for people to sit made out of wood becoming higher towards the "high wall" like in a cinema to achieve better

What did the Colosseum do?

The colosseum was a huge roman stadium. It held many sporting and  dramatic events. It could seat 80000 people and it was also the  famous gladiator stadium.