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What was the father's name on Bonanza?

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The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.
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What were the names of the Cartwrights horses on Bonanza?

  In Bonanza:   Ben Cartwright rode Buck   Little Joe rode Cochise   Hoss rode Chub   Adam rode Sport   Note: The real names of the horses the Cartwright so

What is the name of the cartwright's horses in bonanza?

Ben rode a buckskin named Buck. Adam rode a 7/8 sorrel thoroughbred named Sport. Hoss or Eric rode a dark brown horse named Chubb or Chubby. Little Joe rode a black and white

Why is Montana named the bonanza state?

Montana is called Bonanza state because of its wealth of natural resources. It also valuable minerals and millions of acres of timber, particularly spruce, larch and pine, whi