What was the center of religious life in ancient Greece?

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The temples of the gods, and particularly the patron god of the city-state.
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What was the Israelite center of religious life?

the temple in Jerusalem A: Religious life in the kingdom of Israel was based in the temples ofBethel and Samaria. Religious life in the southern kingdom of Judah was based

What is the animal life in ancient Greece?

it was almost the same as ours today except the Greeks would sacrafice there animals to the gods at festivals and games, as you know the egyptians worshipped cats, well the Gr

What were some religious rituals in ancient Greece?

Ancient Creek or ancient Egypt or any civilization: All got profits/and messengers from God to ask them to follow guidance: the path of God, and submit to his one's, and his o

What was the quality of life in ancient Greece?

The majority of the people lived a life of grinding poverty. Eventhe so-called wealthy were no in the millionaire league. The earlystatus class was 200 measures of produce put