What was platos vision of the ideal society?

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banishing poets, rejecting democracy
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What should be the role of the women in the ideal society according to Plato?

The Greek Philosopher Plato is a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. All his philosophical writing are presented through the dialogue in which Socrates is the ma

How did Plato effect society?

well Plato he was a great philosopher as u know,he build a academy for the prople who wants educationist he build the academy all the people's education was developed.

Why did Plato believe that an ideal society would be run by philosopher-kings?

Rather than the practical pursuit we are accustomed to, for Plato, Politics is an intellectual faculty. Governance by non-philosophers is to be governed by opinions, beliefs a

Aristotle differed from Plato in thinking that the Ideal Forms?

While sometimes seeming to hold the same view, Aristotle generallydiffered from Plato in respect to the "Ideal Forms" in claimingthat they are conceptual rather than metaphysi

Do vampire have ideal night visions?

vampires are not real. They just use that name and make them look dead and Gothic and then use them in movies to make people think they are real.

Why did Plato ban poetry from his ideal Republic?

Plato opposed poetry (as well as music and theatre) in some cases in his ideal Republic because he believed it was debilitating and a hindrance in comparison to more productiv