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Shortly after Cruz's ascension to leader of the gang, David Wilkerson was preaching in the neighbourhood when Cruz encountered him. The preacher told Cruz that Jesus loved him and would never stop loving him. A shocked Cruz responded by slapping Wilkerson and threatening to kill him. Wilkerson looked Cruz in the face and said that he could cut Wilkerson into a thousand pieces, but every piece would still say Jesus loves him. Wilkerson said that no one can kill love, and that God is love. That afternoon the preacher showed up at the Mau-Mau's headquarters to repeat his message, and was slapped again by Cruz. Wilkerson just smiled, and then prayed for Nicky.
Two weeks later, Wilkerson had an evangelistic meeting in the neighbourhood. When Cruz heard about it, he decided to go and teach the preacher a "lesson" and, with some of the members of his gang, he headed for the boxing arena where the rally was being held, on a bus sent specially by Wilkerson. According to Cruz, when he arrived at the arena, he felt guilty about the things that he had done and started to pray. Wilkerson preached, and then asked the Mau-Mauls to take up a collection. Nicky sprang to his feet and led a group of the gang through the crowd insisting on people giving money. Going backstage, he saw an exit, but was struck by the fact that someone had actually trusted him. He gave the money to Wilkerson on stage. Later, Wilkerson gave an altar call, and many gang members responded. Wilkerson prayed with Cruz, and Cruz asked God to forgive him.
The following day Cruz and some of the gang members who converted went to the police and turned in all of their bricks, handguns and knives, shocking the police officers in the station. They said that if they had seen the group approaching, they probably would have shot them down. Cruz began to study the Bible and went to Bible College. He became a preacher and returned to his old neighborhood where he preached and persuaded some of the Mau-Mauls to accept Jesus, including the gang's new leader, Israel Narvaez.
By- Hannah
Year- 7
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Who was Nicky Cruz?

Nicky Cruz was the subject of "The Cross and the Switchblade". He became a Christian after being in gangs in New York. He still goes around the country, talking to mainly teen

Is Nicky Cruz still alive?

Yes, he still has a preaching ministry. And is going to be 70 years old this saturday, (6/12/08)

Why did Nicky Cruz turn Christian?

Nicky Cruz turned christian because there was a man called david wilkerson. david was a preacher and he came to the New York where nicky hung aroung wiht his crew. the preache

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a former youth gangster, he is the author of several books such as Run Baby Run, and is a character in ( rthe Cross and the Switchblade, actually written by David Wilkerson. B

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Nicky cruz lived with his parents in San Juan, Puerto Rico but he was always getting into trouble so at the age of 16 he was sent to new york to live with his older brother

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Nicky as a child was brutally abused by his parents his mum was a devil worshiper and his father was a witch doctor When he was about 16 his mother and father sent him to l