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What was life like after Christ?

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Life like AFTER Christ? Were living in those days! And I believe we are in the end times! We have gone CRAZY!
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Who brings the life of Christ to the world?

If you mean Who bring the Light of Christ to the world, then the answer is the Holy Ghost does. I suppose you can add to that The Scriptures. If you mean as you have asked the

What did Jesus Christ do during his life?

During Jesus' life he performed miracles, brought people to the lord, spread God's word, and died to pay for our sins. Through his parables, He taught a philosophy of brotherh

How has Jesus Christ impacted your life?

Jesus Christ has given meaning to my life. He is my strenghth and my salvation. I live every day to bring glory to his name and according to my will. Jesus has provided a way

How can we be like Christ?

By submitting our wills to the Spirit and being sober and vigilant at all hours of the day.

How do you be Christ like?

If you try to do it by yourself you'll fail. The first step is knowing Christ. As you spend time with him, you'll become more like him. The best way is to study the Bible, bot

What does new life in christ mean?

If you have a new life in Christ, it means that you have been saved by God, admitted that you are a sinner, and say that you want Him to forgive you. You are considered a Chri

What was Christ like?

He was like an ordinary man to see. Yet his appearance was no longer important to the apostles after he rose from the dead and went to heaven, as the Scripture says - 2 Corint

How do you say Christ is Life in Latin?

Christ (/kraɪst/) (ancient Greek: Χριστός, Christós, meaning 'anointed') is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māš