What was john f kennedys contributions to society?

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He joined the Navy.
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How did the assassination of John F Kennedy impact the society?

The society was very devastated and it was a worry for everyone. The senseless killing of any man in the prime of life with a wife and two children is a tragedy and injustice

What did John F. Kennedy talk about in his speech of secret societies?

Communism threat abroad most likely. But also I think one could interpret it as a response to the reactionary hysteria of the Joe McCarthy era of the 50s domestically. When yo

How did John F. Kennedy contribute to special investigation?

I don't understand your question. When Kennedy was president there wasn't a special investigation unless it was the one against the mafia done by his brother Robert Kennedy as

What contribution did John F Kennedy make to society?

As US president, his American space program led to the successfullanding of the first American in the moon. He also prevented thestart of a nuclear war by preventing the placi

Is the great society associated with president John F. Kennedy?

The Great Society usually refers to Johnson's social programs which were more or less based on what Johnson believed Kennedy intended to do had he lived.

Was John F. Kennedy associated with the great society?

John F. Kennedy's model for social reform was called The New Frontier - unfortunately he was killed before any major legislation got approved through Congress. When Lyndon Joh

How does John F. Kennedy contribution affects us today?

Kennedy was killed 50 years ago and he was President for only about1000 days. Most of his contributions have been so diluted by timethat their effect is minimal. He did push t

What were some major contributions by John F. Kennedy?

President Kennedy is probably remembered for two contributions inparticular. He originated the American space program whicheventually (after his own death) resulted in the suc

What was John F. Kennedy contribution to the Cuban Crisis Missile?

John F. Kennedy was President of the US at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and he determined the US response to the Soviet actions. He is given credit for forcing the US

What were the changes in society after John F. Kennedy was killed?

Society was shocked and dismayed. It also became cynical. The citizens of the USA lost their Ideological Innocence and became more hardened. Just 4 days after he was brutally