What was Williams of plan in 1066?

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William of Normandy apparently planned to land in England and draw Harold into a battle, then devastate the countryside, like Sherman on his March to the Sea, in the area around London until they begged for mercy. He benefited from the fact that Harold Hardrada struck first, drawing the Saxon forces north and east to the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Though the Saxons won the battle, they then had to race south and west to Hastings to face William. After which, William laid waste to much of the English countryside. The rest is history. In fact, all of it is history.
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What did William build in 1066?

He didn't built anything in the year he invaded, he didn't have any time presumably with being crowned on Christmas day. He did however, go on to build the tower of London.

What did William the Conqueror do in October of 1066?

William the Conqueror was Duke William, a Norman duke living inNormandy. The Normans were Vikings who had invaded and settled thepeninsular of Normandy in what is now France.

Why did William become king in 1066?

Harold Godwinson went to Harald Hardrada then killed Harald and his troops. Then William invaded and Harold Godwinson died with a arrow n his eye

What was Williams disadvantages in 1066?

Harold Godwinson were on a hill and they could see everyone but William could not because they were at the bottom of the hill so they had to walk right up the hill. Harold had

What did William do to become king in 1066?

He went to war with Harold II on october 14th the day it began and ended, this is because at Senlac Hill the two armies met and this is where they fought. William and his army

What advantages did William 1 have in 1066?

The advantages William held where having cavalry which England had not found use for yet, also since Harold had just faced herald Hardrada and his army had weekend, and Harold