What was Nathaniel Hawthorne writing style?

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Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote novels under the Dark Romantic genre. His stories are mostly allegories (stories told on two levels: literal and figurative). He uses many symbols in his works as well as metaphores and allusions. There tends to be a lack of character confrontations and prolonged descriptions of characters, settings, and such.
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What books did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?

I know he wrote The House of the Seven Gables and The Scarlet Letter. \n. he wrote twice told tales , double fantasy , two for the road and second hand rose.

What did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter which became amasterpiece in American literature. Hawthorne began writing shortfiction pieces between 1825 to 1850 also.

What influenced Nathaniel hawthorne to do his writings?

This is a good question because if you read Hawthorne you get the impression that there is some significantly serious 'trauma' affecting him. The answer is that his grandfathe

What book did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?

The Blithedale Romance Doctor Grimshawe's secret: a romance Fanshawe The House of Seven Gables The Marble Faun The Scarlet Letter (this one is the most well known)

What novels did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?

A few stories/novels/books he wrote are: Rappaccini's Daughter The House of Seven Gables Fanshawe The Blithedale Romance Tanglewood Tales The Dolliv