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230 or 240
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Why was 120V chosen as the standard voltage of homes in the US and not some other voltage?

The reason that 120v service was chosen, was economic. Originally electricity was delivered to homes, and most businesses, for a single purpose and that was lighting. Can open

What is the max voltage for a us home?

  US homes use a 240 volt single phase 'Edison' system. It is a 3-wire (4 with the ground) system. Phase to phase measures 240v, while each phase to neutral measures 120v.

What voltage is used in homes in Canada?

The standard home voltage in Canada is 120/240 supplied at 60 Hertz. Further information Homes in Canada use 240/120 volts at 60 cycles per second (60Hz) single phase. It is

What voltage used in homes?

Depends on country USA has lower voltage than UK in the US it is 120 V UK uses 240 volts   Answer The United States and Canada uses a split-phase system, that supplie

Why is that alternating voltage is used in appliances in homes not direct voltage and mixed voltage?

Alternating current is used in the bulk electric system for power transportation because it is easier to step up/down voltage, therefore easier to minimize loss due to transpo

What is the total voltage a normal home uses?

Total voltage that you use in your home is constant. For Europe ~230V, for US ~120V. But the total power that you use differs and depends on total power consumption of the dev

Why are high voltages not used in the home?

because you will get shocked High voltages are not used in residential settings primarily because of electro-magnetic interference. Although it would be much more efficient

How much voltage use in home in India?

It is 230V single phase and 440V in 3 phase system at 50 Hz.   Answer If the single-phase voltage is 230 V, then the three-phase voltage must be 400 V, not 440 V. The lin

Are home laundry driers in the US using 220 voltage?

The majority of dryers in the US are rated at 240 volts. There are some smaller sizes that are used in small apartments that use 120 volts. These just plug into a regular rece

What is the difference from between the voltage from the photocells and the voltage used in the home?

Voltage coming from a single photovoltaic cell is around 0.5 volts or the equivalent of a dead AA battery from your remote. It also moves in a straight line. This is called DC

Why use 240V electricity voltage in homes?

The answer is not as simple as just this, but one factor is the fact that amperage is reduced as voltage goes up, and less amperage means smaller wire can be used, and smaller

What kind of voltage is used in a home?

Homes use different voltages for their power supply in different  countries. North America uses 120 v in a split-phase arrangement  that allows 240 v to be used for high-pow