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What unzips the double helix of DNA?

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The enzyme helicase.
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Double helix DNA?

it is complicated but we recall the nucleus is a small spherical and helix is in dna. dna helix is actually made of reapeating units called nucleotides.

Why is human DNA a double helix?

It just is; there really isn't a "why". It's a result of the way chemistry and physics work. By the way, it's not just human DNA that forms a double helix; it's a property o

What is DNA and how is the double helix constructed?

DNA is something inside of you. We all have it. It is what makes us up. For example; our spit is DNA. Our cells are DNA. Even our skin is DNA. Everyones DNA is different.

What is a double helix DNA or RNA?

Both DNA and RNA can exist in the double helix form, but only DNAis completely stable as a double helix. The double helix RNA isusually only short "hairpin" sections folding b