What types of music and art are associated with the Irish?

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there really isn't a type for Irish music but some bands that have Irish songs are ; the pub singers, the cotton mill boys, Clair hamilton, Micheal o'duppy, the kilkenny brothers,ottilie Patterson,and waxies daryle  There is a type of Irish music, it's called Irish music or Trad. Some Irish instruments are an chruit (Irish harp), an feadog (tin whistle) and an bodhran (a type of percussion instrument).
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What type of music do the Irish listen to?

Here are a few types traditional music = ceol traidisiúnta popmusic = popcheol country music = ceol tíre rock music = raccheol heavy metal music =

What type of art do Irish people have?

They have all sorts of art, like paintings, sculpture, music, theatre, films, movies, books etc.
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