What type of insurance does a staffing agency need for placing temporary CDL Drivers with local and OTR Companies?

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There are several perils/risks I can think of, contact a local agent and discuss what risks you should seek protection from.
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Companies hire new cdl drivers?

Some examples include: Swift Transportation Werner Enterprises Central/Central Refrigeration Knight's Transportation Covenant Transport Stevens Transport Schnei

Do you need a CDL to be an OTR?

I'm assuming you mean "over the road" by OTR. If you plan on doing. it in a tractor trailer or expedited van with a gross weight rating of over 26,000 lbs., then yes. You can

What types of coverage do most drivers need for auto insurance?

This is not a question that someone can answer for you over the internet. I recommend that you find a local Independent Insurance Agent that you can do business with. First yo
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What can staffing agency software do for a company?

Staffing agency software can help companies recruit temporary or permanent employees from agencies. It can also cross reference existing staff with positions that are open so

What do you need to do to get a cdl drivers license?

Depends on the class of CDL, and the requirements of the companyyou want to work for. Go to the DMV, get a copy of the CDLhandbook. At a minimum, you'll have to take general k

Can a staffing agency require you to carry your own liability insurance if they place you in a driving position for a company that already fully cover their vehicles?

Sure they can. If you don't like the requirements of the job then don't take that job. They are probably going to insist that you carry a limit if liability equal to their lim