What type of inert gas is used for the spray method of welding?

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95% Argon 5% CO2 is most commonly used for spray MIG.
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Should one use a ligher or darker lens when inert gas arc welding?

Answer . I do not believe the gas itself will change the arc brightness much, if any at all, but if you need to change your amperage to weld quicker because of the gas i.e.

Why inert gas use for welding?

Inert gases are use for welding is because in the welding process, the heat will actually hasten up the process of oxidation(rusting) happening on metals. Oxidation process

Is Tungston Inert Gas with an aluminum rod considered welding or heliacing?

Heliarc was the name used when TIG welding was first developed during WWII. A tungsten electrode carrying the current to create an arc and utilizing helium as a protective gas

How submerged aec welding arc welding is different from inert gas shilded arc welding?

Submerged arc welding uses a wire electrode (like MIG welding) and a granular flux to protect the puddle and add alloys to the weld. This flux is deposited into the weld area

What type of gas is used or welding?

It depends on what welding process is being used and what type of metal is being welded. When Oxy-Fuel Welding, Acetylene is the most popular. MAPP gas and Propane are also us