What type of degree do investment bankers need?

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No specific degree is required. A look at the degrees of Investment Banking Graduates (UK & USA) 2007/8 shows that the intake spread significantly from Architecture - Zoologoy. This is not to say that some degrees aren't preferrably over overs. Clearly MBA's rank higher than an MSC or BSC / BA; and clearly a financial / economics degree ranks higher than than a History degree. The real question, is how do I become an investment banker? The answer is simple: 1. Know what you want. Investment Banking covers a huge array banking activities. Before you consider making any applications, I suggest you thoroughly research all these different activities and decide which one you are best suited to. 2. Acknowledge that there are certain things outside of your control. You can't mitigate for the fact you didn't get a 1st at Harvard or Cambridge and you can't mitigate for the fact that you don't have contacts in the cCty or Wall Street who can open doors to interview for you. All highly preferrable but not necessary. 3. Realistically Investment Banking, owing to the salaries & bonuses paid, is highly competitive and therefore you may have to set aside time for significant research, applications and interviews (if you are lucky enough to get one). Don't fret, it takes time. I would advise you choose no more than eight positions, make sure you become an expert on those positions, and then in the interview, do the job i.e. speak as if you are already in the position. 4. Read humorous books on the industry, personal tales about the industry and what people get up to. They may not be scientific (or even highly accurate in many cases) but they will certainly open up your eyes to a new world and get you reading about the industry in a non academic and easy way where by you can learn the lingo and the market phenomena. Good luck!
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