What two groups of people surrounded soldiers during the Boston massacre?

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I believe it's workers & Sailors :]
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How were the soldiers in the Boston Massacre punished?

Answer In fact, the soldiers were not punished. They were held for trial, but patriot John Adams agreed to defend them, in order to ensure a fair trial (and not alienate mo

How many soldiers were in the Boston massacre?

6 soldiers and 1 leader. IMPROVE: The picture with 7 soldier was made by Paul Revere, and he made many inaccuracies in the picture on purpose because he wanted it to look

Did a British soldier died during the Boston Massacre?

A british soldier did not die. A lot of people think that colonist were defenless but the truth is that the colnist had these big sticks and would hit the soldiers with them

Why were soldiers in Boston during the Boston massacre?

The soldiers were in Boston because of the Quartering Act which states that British soldiers will stay in colonists house. The colonists must give the soldiers food, clothes,