What two ancient civilizations were most admired during the renaissance?

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Greece and Rome
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What was Admiral Farragut's importance during the Civil War?

Well I believe the importance the Admiral Farragut had in the Civil War was that he captured Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Natches, Mississippi. The Union siezed Memphis Tenness

What civilization most influenced the Renaissance?

At this time there were countries and empires rather than civilizations. In this case, Italy most influenced the Renaissance because of it's trade opportunities and wealth. Ho

What civilizations made contribution during the Renaissance?

The Europeans were inspired by the Greco-Roman times, so they created the Renaissance that helped to spread sophisticated culture throughout Europe. However, Northern Europe w

What 2 ancient civilizations had a huge impact on the Renaissance?

Greek and Roman culture influenced Renaissance: Without the philosophy oft Aristotle, saved and translated by the Arabs of Spain, and without roman buildings and artworks as p

What two ancient civilizations influenced the byzantine empire most?

The heritage of the so-called Byzantine Empire were the Greek and Roman civilisations. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Roman Empire. This term has been coine