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1. The B52 was used in war for the first time.
2. The wire guided anti-tank missiles; SAGGER & TOW were used for the first time in war.
3. UAVs flew over 5,000 combat missions (mostly Ryan Firebees/Fireflies).
4. The first aluminum (steel gun/turret) swimming tank firing totally combustible shells was used for the first time in combat; the M551 Sheridan tank.
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What technologically advanced weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

None of the weapons in the answers below this one were "technologically advanced." Some technologically advanced weapons used in Vietnam were the Paveway II laser-guided bomb,

What technologies were invented for the Vietnam War?

The biggest development was that the first laser guided bombs were used at the very end(after US forces had left), which would become the smart bombs of the late cold war. Mo

The effects of technology in the Vietnam War?

  The Vietnam War was fought with the COLD WAR aircraft, tanks, artillery, and infantry rifles (the M-14), that were developed during the 1950's, which were in turn influe

What technologies were invented after the Vietnam war?

  UAV's were used in the Vietnam War; some North Vietnamese MIG pilots used them for aerial "dog-fight" training by shooting them down. Some historians are debating whethe

What technological advances were made after the Vietnam War?

  Cruise missiles; F18 Hornet; hi-tech riverine boats; m4 rifles; M1 Abrams tanks, stealth warships; UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles); GPS systems (replaces maps and compa

What effect did the technology used the Vietnam war have on the soldiers and civillians on both sides?

  The helicopter allowed US fighting men to fight more battles in one day, then any other servicemen in history. In the past, men had to walk (march), or ride a land vehic

What weaponry and technology was used in the Vietnam war?

1. SAGGER & TOW anti-tank guided missiles. 2. Strategic Air Command bombers 3. Aluminum armored fighting vehicles (M551 Sheridans & M113 ACAVs) 4. SAMs (Surface to Air Missile

What new technologies were used during the Vietnam war?

In Vietnam the wire guided SAGGER enemy anti-tank missile was used for the first time in combat against US supplied Patton tanks and M113 ACAVs. The TOW missile (also wire gui

What role did technology play in The Vietnam War?

1. The M551 Sheridan tank fired a 152mm completely combustible tank round in Vietnam. Todays M1 Abrams MBT fires an almost completely combustible 120mm tank round; unfortunate

What effect did the technology of the Vietnam war have on the culture?

Watch television news: Neary every nation today has assault rifles (shooting them into the air) and helicopters. Helicopters are used for everything...from medical evacuations