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What technique is used for a police dog?

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How do police use dogs?

Patrol dogs work with individual officers to search buildings when it is deemed unsafe for a human officer to enter a building, to track a suspect on foot, or to aid in the ap

Police use a German word to stop their Police Dog?

There are no standard command words used for all police dogs. Police officers tend to use whatever commands their dog was trained to use. Since many originate in Germany or Cz

What is a dog used by the police?

German Shephard, Dobermann and Rotweiller are commonly used, and so are labradors, ocasionally.

What techniques did the police use to catch Jack the Ripper?

They didn't catch him. We are talking 1888 so limited technology here. A large team of policemen conducted house to house inquiries, they drew up a lists and notes available t
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How do police use separation techniques?

Police use Chromotography - which is used to separate ink that has been used on paper or on a letter or something so the police know what kind of pen has been used on the pape