What social problems has the 3 Gorges dam caused?

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Many problems accompany the project from the proposal to the finish. The early disputes stressed on the economic and technical factors. It was generally accepted that these two factors could not support the construction of the project and the problem of migration was hard to be settled. After 1980s, by the progress of reform and opening up policy, the problems over the project have largely covered politics, economy, environment, migration, tourism and the protection of the cultural relics.
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Where is the 3 gorges dam located?

The Three Gorges Dam is located in Sandoupng in China. It is a hydroelectric dam that works on the Yanghtze River and is the world's most powerful power station.

Why was the 3 Gorges Dam made?

\n\n The three\nGorges Dam was built so that flooding stops and it also provides power and\nthere is endless water supply. \n\n

What artifacts are destroyed in building the 3 gorges dam?

The pathways worn into the stone above the river where coolies used to pull boats upriver against strong currents have disappeared forever. Markings in many places recording t

Purposes of the 3 gorges dams?

The purpose of the 3 gorges dams are to establish a modern way of living, or atleast to help. the 3 gorges dam was an idea that was invented in 1909 and was approved on 1992 a
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Should the 3 gorges dam have been built?

Yes the 3 gorges dam should have been built: Here's why Because it stops the water from flowing on to our houses. The purpose of the dam being built was to create electricity