What size speakers fit a 2004 sebring sedan dashboard?

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3 1/2 Inches.
When it comes to installs, the older the car the more brittle the plastic panels.
CAREFULLY pry off the right and left front post trim panels, starting with the top. When those are disengaged, pry up the rear-of-the-car-facing edge of the dash top panel (the one with the VIN window). Pull the dash top panel forward and remove the side posts and dash panel. On my car there were no speakers - just openings. I Installed screw-holding clips on the left and right sides of the speaker openings. Run speaker wire to the head unit and replacement of the dash panel is reverse of un-install.
I installed Rockford Fosgates and they sound awesome!!
It always sounds MUCH better when the mid and high freq sound are close up and the bass is in the trunk. I ended up wiring dash speakers to head unit front powered output, the door (factory) speakers to head unit rear powered output, and amped and installed Infinity rear deck 6x9's and an Infinity sub by wiring an amp in the trunk. Follow the trim panels down the car from the trunk to the dash then slice though the firewall's wiring harness gromet near the brake pedal to get power to the trunk.
I've only installed stereos a few times, but the Sebring was by far the easiest to cutomize.
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