What should I do about my best friend cos I'm totally in love with her but shes started dating another guy even though she knows i like her?

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maybe she's making you jealous to test your love for her
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What should you do if you are in love with a guy and you know and he likes you but he says he has some problems with himself so he won't go out with you even though he wants to?

Answer . Hopefully you aren't having a sexual relationship with him because if you are then he's using you. A decent guy wouldn't have sexual relations with a girl that h

If the guy your in love with is dating your best friend and he still flirts with you majorly even though he is a major flirt already should you tell them how you feel about them?

Do it only if you are willing to ruin your friendship with your best friend. It's a rare friendship that will recover from invading someone's romantic territory. That said, if

How do you know if your guy best friend likes you even though he likes your bff?

Sometimes guys find it hard to show their feelings to girls(especially ones they're close to. At school, I like one girl, but everyone thinks I like a different one. We don't

You were friends with this guy and you started liking him and then you found out that he doesnt even like you even though it seemed so obvious and he knows that you like him how are you supposed to ac?

aww. believe me, friendship can be just as good as a relationship :) at first your friendship may be a little awkward, but if he doesnt return your feelings- then there isn't

What should I do when your best friend knows I like this guy and I've liked him for ages but she started dating him behind my back and she keeps on lying to me but she is really my only best friend?

Your so called best friend purposely went behind your back knowing full well how you felt about this young man and decided to hurt you. True friends do not hurt each other in