What season the SpongeBob episode Christmas Who?

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In the first season box set of Spongebob why did they leave out the first episode?

i cannot be certain why this happened, but i am assuming that the Sponge Bob Square pants episode you are referring to may have been issued on a separate DVD, like Fox did wit

What episodes will be on spongebob season 6 volume 2?

i got these 2nd handedly so it might not be exact 1.porous pokets 2.choir boys 3.krusty krushers 4.the card 5.dear vikings 6.ditchin 7.grandpappy the pirate 8

What episodes are in spongebob season 4?

61. "Fear of a Krabby Patty". C.H. Greenblatt, Paul Tibbitt. May 6, 2005. "Shell of a Man". Mike Bell, Paul Tibbitt. 62. "The Lost Mattress". Mike Bell, Tim Hill. May