What school did George Washington go to and were?

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Washington was primarily home schooled, but for a short time he did attend a porchial school run by the local episcopal priest. He was scheduled to leave for England to attend boarding school there when his father died, throwing the family into a financial crisis.
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Where did George Washington go to school?

George Washington didn't attend public schools or go to college. He was home schooled or possibly went to a school on his plantation or nearby. Nothing is known about who his

What high school did George Washington go to?

George Washington's education is largely a mystery. He obviously was taught basic reading and writing and arithmetic. His family most likely hired a school master or private t

What school did George Washington Carver go to?

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What did George Washington do after going to school?

Washington did not have any formal schooling. He was an apprentice to a surveyor, a British military officer in the War of 1812, General of American forces in the revolution,

Why did George Washington go to school?

Washington, the son of a small planter, grew up in rural VA. He did not go to any formal schools and as a young man was apprenticed as a surveyor. He became a British officer