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What role does Social Security play in government revenue?

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Social Security is the second largest source of revenue
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When was Social Security money first used as general revenue?

Congress passed temporary legislation following WW II that was in effect from 1947-1951 to pay benefits to WW II veterans who became disabled in the years immediately followin

What is social security revenue?

Social security and medicare taxes (old age survivor and disability insurance), (FICA) is the amount that is collected from taxpayers that are earning income by providing ther

What is the role of the social security act today?

Social security is like a trust fund. You save money while you work and then you can spend it while you are in retirement. It also gives the Republicans something to argue abo

Why should the government keep social security?

The biggest argument in favor of keeping Social Security is thatsince 1935 all workers in the U.S. have been funding SocialSecurity through the Federal Insurance Contributions