What risk is there to a fetus if the mother has taken Anadin Extra several times in the first week of the pregnancy?

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Congratulations It is highly unlikely the aspirin will have harmed your child. If you took it in the week after your period or the following week after ovulation that was before implantation so it would not have passed into the embryo. If you took it in the week before your period was due it is more likely that you would have had the period rather than found out you were pregnant. If you require pain relief for the rest of your pregnancy take acetominophen (paracetamol).
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At seven weeks of pregnancy is it normal to be woken up several times a night to urinate?

Answer . \nAbsolutely. Because the uterus is growing in the same space the bladder usually occupies the bladder cannot fill as full. If i hurts however you may have a ur

If mifeprostone and misoprostol was taken on 12 weeks pregnancy 3 days later fetus is still alive on ultrasound if pregnancy continues how would it affect the fetus during pregnancy or after?

misoprostol it's a PG(prostaglandine) just to provok the uterus contaction with the effect of mifepristone on the relaxation of the uterus and the opening of the cervix,so tha

What risks can happen to fetus during pregnancy?

the umbilical cord may wrap around the child's neck, suffocating it; or in some rare cases even break. Also, if too much alcohol or drugs is consumed within the time of pregn