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What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is when a person is harassed, threatened, embarrassed or willfully targeted by someone else through the use of electronic technology. This can include blogs, cell phone text messages and any other digital medium. Cyberbullies work in many of the same ways as do traditional schoolyard bullies, and quite often, the cyberbullying occurs between minors. Unlike schoolyard bullying, the ease and accessibility of the Internet can have more far-reaching and devastating consequences. A cyberbully is someone who:
  • Creates or adds hateful messages about a person to sites/blogs, sometimes joining others who are doing the same.
  • Sends threatening or hateful messages to the victim via email, text messages, etc.
  • Posts or digitally distributes humiliating pictures or links of their victim or victim's family.

How can I spot a cyberbully on WikiAnswers? Look for questions or answers that contain:
  • Harassing comments targeting specific individuals
  • Defamation
  • Personal information (such as the name of a non-celebrity)
  • Vandalism

You can get the full details about cyberbullying from the guidelines page: http://wiki.answers.com/help/cyberbullying
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Cyberbullying is not tolerated on WikiAnswers?

If you believe the question you asked is appropriate please e-mail WikiAnswers @ Answers.com with the exact question you asked and why you believe it is acceptable. Cyber

What happens if you cyberbully on WikiAnswers?

You will be blocked from the website, so beware ! There are Vandal Patrols and Supervisors looking out for signs of Cyberbullying constantly. Don't waste your time cyberbu

Why is cyberbullying not allowed on WikiAnswers anymore?

Cyberbullying has never been allowed on WikiAnswers. It used to fall under the basic rules of community guidelines and etiquette. Rules such as "Never make personal attacks" c

How does WikiAnswers deal with cyberbullies?

WikiAnswers has a strict policy against cyberbullying. Users that cyberbully are blocked from the site immediately. For more information, see the related link below.

What is WikiAnswers doing to prevent cyberbullying?

All Supervisors are always looking out for anyone cyberbullying, and when they see it the contributor is blocked. There are people working constantly reviewing and correcting

Is cyberbullying allowed on WikiAnswers?

Cyberbullying is not allowed on Answers.com/WikiAnswers. If you should see any cyberbullying in answers or on a usersmessage board, or are affected yourself by cyberbullying,

What is in place at WikiAnswers to prevent cyberbullying by supervisors?

It has been said that WikiAnswers Supervisors are not immune to any of the Community Guidelines, including action taken against cyberbullying. However, at the present time the

What will happen if you accidentally cyberbullied on WikiAnswers?

If you delete the information that was causing the offence that got you a warning message, then nothing further will happen. You may have received a warning from a Supervis

If you cyberbully on Wikianswers will you have to pay a fine?

There's very little you can do that will get you into legal troubleon a website like wikianswers. You would have to go throughextreme, almost ridiculous lengths. That being s