What property can be exempted from a bankruptcy proceeding?

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The bankruptcy laws allow a debtor to keep certain property to make a fresh start. That property is removed from the bankrupt estate and is not available to creditors. The debtor selects the property to be exempted from the statutory lists of exemptions available under the law of his state. One of the things you can keep is your home. However, the circumstances are different depending on whether there is equity in the home, outstanding mortgages or if the amount due on the mortgages exceeds the value of the home. For a definitive answer, you must consult with an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.
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As found on at least 100 other places here...and allowed certain modifications (albeit minor overall) in different states. . Exemptions under Federal law, which may change

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Is inheritance exempt in Bankruptcy?

No, the BK Trustee is to be notified of any inheritance received within 6 months of filing BK (even if you have already had your BK case discharged and closed). Short answer-

Will a bankruptcy trustee take rental income on exempt property after a chapter 7 is filed?

If the property was claimed as exempt the trustee has 60 days to either exempt or reject the contract. If nothing is done then the contract is automatically rejected and the t