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What party is affiliated with Barack Obama?

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What party does Barack Obama belong to?

Barack Obama is a member of the Democratic party. Most objective  analysts of politics would consider him a Centrist Democrat,  leaning somewhat left on social issues and so

What political party is Barack Obama affiilated with?

Barack Obama is a Democrat. By all accounts, he has always been a member of the Democratic party, beginning when he was first interested in politics.

Which parties does Barack Obama come from?

He has only been with one political party-- he is a Democrat.

What party color is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is a member of the Democratic Party, which is traditionally represented by the color blue in the reports of election results.

What political parties has Barack Obama been affiliated with?

He has only belonged to one political party: he has always been a Democrat since he became politically active.

What party stood against barack obama?

The main political party that opposed the president (who is a Democrat) is the Republican party. But in the 2012 campaign, other opposition parties were also on the ballot, in